Louis Sartorius (1820-1892) (my paternal great, great, great grandfather)

Louis Jacques SARTORIUS (1820-1892)

My great, great, great grandfather, Louis Jacques SARTORIUS, was born and baptised on 22 June 1820 in Lemberg, Moselle, France. He was the son of Francois Sartorius (born about 1784, place of birth and date and place of birth unknown) and Marianne Wagner from Munzthal. It is believed that Francois married Marianne prior to 1811. From Louis’ birth certificate, we know that Francois was Regent de la Ecole St Louis les Biches, Lemberg in 1822. These are the birth and baptismal records for Louis Jacques Sartorius, dated 1822.

Baptism_of_Louis_Jacques_Sartorius Louis Jacques Sartorius birthclick to enlarge

Louis was a glassblower. On 18 December 1845, he married Marianne Humprecht (1827-1892) who was born on 15 July 1827 in Willer-sur-Thur, Haut-Rhin, France. On his marriage certificate, his profession is given as Ouvrier a la Cristallerie Lyonnaise. This is their marriage certificate:

Sartorius Humbrecht marriage 1

A few years after his marriage, he left France for England, arriving in Folkestone with his wife and young son, Louis. His son was born in the (old) 5th arrondissement of Paris on 17 May 1848, which means he would have been 5 months old when he sailed for England with his parents. This is his arrival record:

louis sartorius alien arrivals.xclick to enlarge

Louis and Marianne made their way to Birmingham, the industrial heartland of the country. They are first listed in the British census of 1861. They are living at 21 Godwin Street/4 with their six children, all of whom were born in Birmingham. Their first-born son, Louis, who travelled with them on the boat to England, appears to have died, possibly shortly after arrival in 1850.

Louis died on 13 December 1892, aged 72 years old, of catarrhal pneumonia, (which he had been suffering from for six months according to his death certificate). He died at 123 Cato Street in Birmingham. The death certificate lists his daughter-in-law, Jane Sartorius (his son Joseph’s second wife), as present at the death. He was buried in St Joseph’s cemetery, Nechells, Birmingham four days after he died, on 18 December 1892. The grave no longer survives.

Louis and Marianne were both Roman Catholics and had 11 children (in order of birth):


1 M:    Louis SARTORIUS

Birth:  17 May 1848 Paris 5e (ancient)


2 F:      Julie Antonine SARTORIUS

Birth:  25 Oct 1849  Birmingham

Death: 2 Feb 1922  Noisy-le-Sec, Seine-Saint-Denis, France

Spouse:           Gustave PERRIN


3 F:      Isabelle Marie SARTORIUS

Birth:  3 Nov 1852    Birmingham

Death: 27 Feb 1950  Birmingham

Spouse:           Elias HANCOCK


4 M:    Joseph Augustine SARTORIUS

Birth:  27 Aug 1854 77 Baggot Street, Birmingham

Death: Oct-Nov-Dec 1932    Birmingham

Spouse:           Emily BEDWORTH

Spouse:           Jane LATHWOOD


5 M:    Francis (Frank) SARTORIUS

Birth:  26 Jul 1856   Birmingham

Death: not known


6 M:    Charles (Julius Adrianus) SARTORIUS

Birth:  8 Jul 1858      Birmingham

Death: 28 Sep 1887  171 Scholefield Street, Duddeston

Spouse:           Berthe Jeanne CACHETTE


7 M:    Emile Louis SARTORIUS

Birth:  25 Mar 1860 Aston, Warwickshire


8 M:    Louis Edouard SARTORIUS

Birth:  23 Jan 1862  Birmingham

Death: 23 Jan 1862  Birmingham

Spouse:           Blanche Marguerite RAGOT

Spouse:           Berthe Victorine CAMUS


9 M:    Albert (Bernardus) SARTORIUS

Birth:  13 May 1864 Birmingham

Spouse:           Emma BLOOR


10 ?:    child SARTORIUS

Birth:  1867

Death: 1867

NB: Baptized at home, being in imminent danger of dying; baptism recorded at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Nechell’s Green; baptism record gives nothing other than the surname — no parents, no exact date — but it falls between records dated 5 Sep 1867 and 12 Sep 1867.


11 F:   Rosanna SARTORIUS

Birth:  13 May 1869 Birmingham

Death: 1878 Birmingham

with thanks to Robert Behra, a distant cousin, also descended from the Sartorius family, for his pioneering research and the copies of the original French documents. Also to Annie Cottet-du Moulin, descended from Louis’ daughter, Julie.